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Ostrich Feather
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Coque Feather Bag

Hand bag made of Coque feathers with metal magnetic fastener. Ideal to put away for an early Christmas present.This bag is made from Bronze coque which is the greeny Irridescent feather with a lovely shine to it.This is a lovely bag at a very competitive price.
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Lady Amerhurst (Skin)

Our Price£20.00
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marabou/stripped coque

Our Price£7.99
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peacock feather swords 30-35cms

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peacock plumage-Blue

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Peacock Feathers (Large) Per pc.

 Peacock feather suitable for floral arangements, window displays, table arangements.
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Ostrich Feather NO 1 20-24"

Top of the range 24" ostrich plume/feather. Avaliable in numerous colours. Referred to as Prince of Wales feathers. These are full, wide and lush. Oftern used on shire horses in funeral processions, used for floral arangements for weddings and elaborate arches of feathers.

Our Price£6.50
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