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Ostrich Feather
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Church Window Fringe 3/4"

 English domestic feather suitable for covering hats as well as for using for costume jewellery. This is a natural feather which can be over dyed and still retain the feathers characteristics.
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Coque Mount

 This a spray of coque feathers 6-8 inches long with additional golden pheasant feathers.This is a vibrant feather used for fascinators and hats.
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Degarded Natural stripped coque boa 10-12

Degraded coque is a process where we bleach the tips giving a shaded effect, this is sold as a fringe or twisted as a boa, this can be dyed to give a colourful effect used for head dresses for stage and fashion.The coque feather is a blacky green irridiscent colour and by bleaching the tips it gives the accesoies that it is used for a chance to be in more than one colour.
Our Price£88.00
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Dyed Peacock Fringe(black)

 Peacock frine is made from the flues of the Peacock feather(not the eye ) this is a a green and yellow and peacock blue colour and has been dyed blck to give it a rich deep purple colour.also available in its natural form and also available as individual peacock feathers.We have also introduced peacocks dyed to colours and peacock swords (this is named because instead of the eyes the feathers are sword shaped at the end.)colours availble please see heading for peacock feathers and swords
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Gold Side Pheasant Plumage

Natural Gold/Bronze Feather
This fringe is made from natural gold side feathers and is approx 2.5 inches in length.All our fringes are very full and contain 5-6 times the amount you would get on the imported items which are just sinle layer.We sell only full fringes.
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Golden Pheasant Fringe

Red/Yellow body feathers. Natural.
Our Price£13.50
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Golden Pheasant Fringe(green)

Green body feather from a golden pheasant.This plumage is approx 2inches in length and has a very rich greeny black effect.This is a body feather so like other parts of the golden pheasant this is is small.
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Guinea Fowl Fringe

Guinea Fowl feathers natural or dyed used for a variety of items such as jewellery, covering hats, hair accessories, fascinators amongst many other usages. These are small 2-4" black and white spotted feathers used for masks and can be dyed to many colours.
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Lady Amerhurst (Skin)

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Natural Individual Pheasant Fringe

4-5" Natural pheasant bound.
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Nume Feather

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Badger Fringe

Item code: TEMP3

This is a natural product 4-5" in length sold in metre long peices. Used by hat milliners, dress manufacturers. This is made from saddle feathers. Weight per metre peice are approx. 60g Which should give you a minimum of 550-600 peices bound and strung on a tape.

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9911 Mount-black only

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Coque Fringe - 6-8 inches

Supplied in 1M lengths ,.
Our Price£8.99
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