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Ostrich Feather
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Ostrich Feather Manufacturing Company has a proud heritage dating back to the early 1920's. The business is now run by Philip and Jonathan Powell.

Ostrich Feather prides itself in customer service and our immediate availability of a large range of feather products and associated products and knowledge of  Fancy Feathers our speciality is Ostrich Feathers.
OSTRICH-The Ostrich is found mainly in South Africa where they are farmed in a very organised fashion,the industry has been there for overy a century.It is probably the most used of any feather and in the last few years the Spadonnas have become the major attraction for table centres.These come in a large variey of colours.These are called Ostrich Feathers.
Plumes are much wider and fuller and softer and used predominantly for head pieces.These are also called Ostrich Feathers.
Ostrich Boas come in many thicknesses and vary from our 2ply up to 20 ply(ply is the thickness of the Boa)We supply these to the dress /show/ballroom business amongst many others.These come from Ostrich Feathers
We also do the chick feather which is a bit small a small(10-12inch)Another member of The Ostrich Feathers .
Ostrich Fringes are in tremendous demand by our dress houses  and we supply to designers worldwide at all the top fashion houses,customers who we have maintained for many years due tour top quality merchandise.These come from Ostrich Feathers.
We sell Peacock feathers both small and large as well as peacock fringes in different styles and colours.
We sell all feathers loose and fringes of the Pheasant ,Goose,Duck range and we pride ourselves on the quality and fullness of all our fringes.(We do not sell the imported budget items of single layer feather but fullness of feathers in all our fringes)
We sell Turkey Broad and Goose Quills as well as Ostrich Spines.(these were orignally an Ostrich Feathers)Other items such as Guinea Fowl are always available.
We can provide most things 'Feathers' from stock at short notice but can also produce to customers requirements both large or small.
Our stocks of feathers are vast and we pride ourselves on having nearly every feather available or the capacity to obtain this.We still have available for the speciality market exotic feathers and please contact us for more information.
We export to all countries worldwide,We have been involved in films,tv shows ,theatre to many to list but many many hundreds.
I f you are looking for crinoline or veiling we are leading suppliers in all sizes .

Circa the year 1920-1923 there will have been around 20 Feather merchants and manufacturers based in the London Golden Lane / Charterhouse Square area - EC1.

Originally from Poland, the Powell family established the Ostrich Feather Manufacturing Company in  1923. This came about following a keen family interest in fashion and initially the successful making and selling of feather hats. From these small beginnings, the busines grew to become a fully fledged manufacturer and provider of feather products,and Ostrich Feathers.

Feather products cover the normal Ostrich Feathers, Peacock Feather, Goose Quills, Chicken and Turkey Feathers Coque feathers (derived from the french word Coque) as well as finished articles such as Feather handbags, Lined Feather Shawls, Feather Masks, Feather hats and so on.

Feathers can be treated and prepared in a variety of ways for both presentation and colour. Feathers can be stripped (feathers are removed leaving the tips only), feathers can be burned (the edges of the feathers removed) and feathers can be dyed into a broad range of colours or multiple colours from a broad range of feather types. Chinchilla feathers are also a speciality whereby some areas of feather with natrual colouring are not affected by the dyeing process leaving a special two tone effect.
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