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Coque Mount

fax 066.jpg

9801 Hackle Mount

20-25cm long.
Wired therefore enabling you to bend in all directions.
turkey fan.jpg

Marabou Fan

Item code: MARABOU FAN
fax 087.jpg

Turkey Broads

Supplied in Packs of 12.

Coque Feather Bag

Limited stock of this chique bag made of coque feathers ideal for that party.

Coque/Stripped Coque/Peacock Mount

Elegant head piece that would be a winner for any occasion.
fax 020.jpg

9911 Mount


Feather Flower

Item code: 2113
Feather Flower

Feather Mount

Elegant hair piece.
fax 076.jpg

Burnt Ostrich Feather

20-24" Ostrich feather
No image available

6" Crinoline


Goose Coquille Fringe 4/5"

Supplied in 1metre lengths.
fax 064.jpg

Burnt Ostrich Mount

Half Moon Shape.

Lady Amerhurst (Skin)

full skins with beaks
fax 069.jpg

Plumage Pad

fax 053.jpg

Hackle Pads x 12pcs

Supplied in Packs of 12.

Ostrich Feather Fan

Open and shut fully.48inches wide when fully opened and a height of 30inches.These are ready assembled for immediate use and used for Burlesque /shows/.We will be running a far greater colour range and would appreciate any input of colours required.